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株式会社 · 匠


takumi · studio is a music production house as well as modern hybrid studio advancing for the best in composing, recording, mixing and all kinds of music production. With the new analogue standard of the whole NEVE audio setup (class-A mic preamp, EQ, compressor, summing mixer), this studio is ideal for peoples who are looking for a vintage sound-conscious modern studio. Established as the company name "Takumi Works" in 2002 by Anthony Cheng, the broad sphere of sounds and genres puts this production studio on a platform that is easily accessible by all listeners and artists. Though well resourceful in multiple styles such as Canto-pop, Jazz, Rock, Funk, RnB, Gospel, Hip Hop, Classical, New Age, Avant-garde, World, EDM & Electronics, Takumi Works is also capable to record diversified live instrument sessions.


With competitive rates and flexible hours, we cater to all sorts of schedules. For more information and scheduling on studio, recording hours and rates please contact us with the phone number and emails provided in contact section below. As of 2010 Takumi Works has amplified to include on-site recording of live music performance and voice-over artists management. We also offer an affordable live sound reinforcement set-up for shows as well as sound technicians for the length of the event. Since 2021, we have grown to manage independent artists and in-house songwriters. Together, we and all of its affiliates have even bigger things planned for the future.


Floor Guide.

takumi · studio, where located between Prince Edward and Tai Kok Tsui, is the centre to meet different arts in Hong Kong. With around 500 sq ft and an unblocked Lion Rock Mountain view, it has worked out multiple-function recording studios: a big control room with recording/mixing and music programming area, main booth for recording as well as an area from serious meeting to monitoring purpose. Fully own air-conditioning in the entire area maximizes the comfort of our users. Full WiFi access is also available to our guests in every room.

floor map

Unit 16B 1/F.png

Control Room

1/F floor

approx. 300 sq. ft.

Unit 16B 2F.png

Main Booth

2/F floor

approx. 200 sq. ft.


floor guide.


takumi · studio is the main recording studio of Takumi Works. It houses NEVE 16-channel Analog Summing Mixer with Digidesign Control 24 - a 24 tracks DAW mixing control desk and digital audio system running Pro Tools - capable of capturing 96kHz/24bit quality inputs and outputs via Pro Tools HD system. Our excellent selection of microphones supply a strong signal into the system, while our classic selection of outboard, as well as a vast array of audio plug-ins, provide the finishing touches.



Anthony Cheng is the managing director and producer of takumi · studio since the company was founded in 2002.


Anthony is a prolific composer specializing in contemporary and commercial music. He has been learning composition in British and Hong Kong renowned Universities under different well-established composers. He holds a Ph.D. at the University of Hong Kong and a Master degree at King's College London. Largely self-taught in compositional techniques and orchestration, Anthony's music consists of an electric inspiration of variety of Western musical styles. He has been actively working in Hong Kong commercial music industry, such as producing songs for artists, music scoring for motion pictures, TVC, television, radio, and many other high-profile clients. Besides, Anthony has served vastly as a role of Artistic Director for various public events launched by Moët Hennessy Diageo (MHD). He is a signed composer of Kobalt Music Publishing and music arranger of Universal Music Group. 

Detailed biography please visit his personal website:

We have also co-worked with various outstanding composers, arrangers, orchestrators, copyists, lyricists, vocalists, VO talents, instrumentalists, sound engineers and studio maintenance technicians. Our working team consists of the best peoples in town. In addition, we have signed in-house artist in Hong Kong and UK.


takumi · studio has produced more than few hundreds of music creation and production. We have served various prolific clients, from non-commercial to commercial, local to international as well as low-budget to high-budget.



takumi · studio has produced more than hundreds of music creation and production. Please check and stay tuned with our portfolio of projects/productions from time to time. Please chick the buttons below to see our showreel.



takumi · studio, where located between Prince Edward and Tai Kok Tsui, is the centre to meet different arts in Hong Kong.

〒 16B | 16/F | The Bedford | No.93 Bedford Road | Tai Kok Tsui | Kowloon | Hong Kong

香港 | 九龍 | 大角咀 | 必發道 93號 | The Bedford | 16樓 | B室


anthony cheng
managing director | 取締役社長
Tel: +852 9427 9024

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