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Hariah Cheng


A rising indie pop artist from Hong Kong. Cheng gained multiple awards in regional singing contests and inter-school music festivals before releasing her first Cantopop solo in June 2023. With solid music training in the gospel choir, Western classical music (major in piano), Chinese orchestral music (major in YangQin), and Cantonese opera. She is paving her way to create a unique musical style with Western and Eastern music influences.


EP album | Spotify | JOOX | KKBox | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

EP Album I

#1  I Speak for Myself - Prelude

曲/編: Hariah Cheng

#2  崖邊木馬 Cliff Carousel  ◀️

曲: Ning/Hariah Cheng | 詞: Haze | 編: Jim Ling | 監: Anthony Cheng

#3  落日送暖 Sunset Zeal  ◀️

曲/詞: Hariah Cheng | 編/監: Anthony Cheng

#4  創作是個自我探索的旅程

曲/詞: Hariah Cheng | 編/監: Anthony Cheng

#5  獨樂樂

曲: Hariah Cheng | 詞: Sammi | 編/監: Anthony Cheng

#6  Being Young Is A Crime

曲/: Hariah Cheng | 編: Janis Krauklis | 監: Anthony Cheng

#7  I Speak for Myself - Postlude

曲/編: Hariah Cheng

Hariah Cheng 1st Album Cover.jpg

illustrated by Yulia Wong

Music Scores

崖邊木馬 Cliff Carousel  ◀️

曲: Ning/Hariah Cheng | 編: Hariah Cheng

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